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Behaviour For Learning

Behaviour for Learning Programme

A Behaviour for Learning Programme (BfL) is an intensive individualised intervention at level 3 support. Characteristically, this level of support is offered to the small number of students who, notwithstanding school wide behaviour support (Level 1 support) and targeted interventions (Level 2 support) continue to experience difficulty. These students have unique and multiple needs that call for an intensive, individualised intervention.

Students who are offered Level 3 support manifest a variety of challenging behaviours, including difficulties with social skills; low self-esteem; difficult relationships with adults/peers and poor concentration and attention problems in the majority of their subject classes. Many of these students are also persistently at risk of suspension and/or expulsion from school. The severity of their behaviours in classrooms not only hinders their own education progress but may also impede that of their peers.

A BfL programme has responsibilities for the development of an academic, behavioural, social and emotional and well-being curriculum to meet the needs of targeted students. The fundamental aim of the BfL programme is to enable students to fulfil their potential and achieve success at school. Additionally, in order to avoid the creation of a ‘wait to fail’ intervention model, a school’s Behaviour for Learning Programme will also include preventative strategies and early intervention approaches. The BfL Programme should be seen across the school community as an intervention for rigorous learning.

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